Turnkey Projects

Abamet Pakistan mostly deals with turnkey projects for wastewater treatment as well as water treatment plants. Our technology is adaptable for smaller to large scale water treatment facilities according to client’s requirements. We have containerized and packaged water and wastewater treatment plants which are portable for your needs. We also construct Reinforced Cement Concrete structures. Abamet Pakistan treats your water to meet NEQ and SEQ standards. Our experts will decrease your ecological footprint and contribute to save the world and its environment for future generations. See Products & Systems

Environmental Consultancy

Abamet Pakistan is a name that you can trust, we provide consultancy for all your environmental needs. If you are tired of your toxic wastewater or your supply of water does not meet your requirements or you don’t know how to dispose your toxic solid waste, Abamet Pakistan is here to support you in all the aspects that you deem necessary. If you are tired of rising cost of utility bills, we will see if your waste can be turned into recyclable fuels or you may like an alternate energy resource. Abamet Pakistan can indemnify you by alerting you to problems you weren’t even aware of.

Environmental Equipment

Abamet Pakistan trades in all kinds of filters, membranes, tanks, treatment systems, and chemicals. Our company imports to provide European and Chinese instruments for your treatment systems. We also supply solar panels for alternate energy solutions. Similarly, we offer incineration plants for disposal of your solid waste. Reach us out to acquire economical and efficient resources for your waste treatment systems.

Repairing and Upgradation

All the things in the world are moving rapidly towards modernization. To be connected with the world we need to upgrade ourselves at a much similar pace. For that Abamet Pakistan has solutions to rectify the problems of your existing water treatment plants. On top of that we offer better and efficient solutions for your increased wastewater generation. We also provide you with a proper disposal system for your solid waste. Abamet Pakistan’s Engineers can upgrade your buildings and facilities to run in an energy efficient way and turn them into Green Buildings.

Engineering Design

Abamet Pakistan comes up with the most suitable designs to create an aspiring experience for your water treatment facilities. Our engineered design is tailored with the vision to be cost effective as well as adaptive to your requirements. Our environmental expertise handles a large umbrella of fields from water and wastewater treatment and recycling to alternate energy resources and to practice Green Building.

Civil and Construction Work

Civil work is also an expertise of Abamet Pakistan, we produce all the related civil structures required for a working plant. We have engineers which outperform in this field.

Operation and Maintenance

Abamet Pakistan operates your environmental facilities on contract bases and maintain your wastewater treatment systems up to the mark. We also provide training to the client’s personnel so that they are able to operate the facility with expertise.