Abamet Pakistan provides the best services for wastewater treatment to avoid pollution that contaminates natural water bodies. For that we have wide range of innovative methods and technologies to meet client’s needs. Abamet Pakistan addresses your wastewater depending on your pollution load, space available, and the extent to which you want your water to be treated. This brings us to provide a wide range of technologies to offer. Different wastewater treatment systems include:

Grey Water Treatment Plants (GWTP)

The water from your sink, showers and bath tubs that doesn’t include feces is known as grey water. Abamet Pakistan provides the best GWTP systems in Pakistan to bring water quality to higher standards so that it can be reused for flushing, car washing and horticulture. Demand on conventional water supplies and pressure on sewage treatment systems is reduced by the use of grey water. Re-using grey water reduces the volume of sewage effluent entering watercourses which is ecologically beneficial. Grey water can be treated easily with Abamet Pakistan’s technology and expertise. This achieves our goals of ecological sustainable development.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

A wastewater treatment plant when installed for an outlet of an industry it is naturally known as effluent treatment plant (ETP). The ETP Plant works at various levels and involves various physical, chemical, biological and membrane processes to treat wastewater from different industrial sectors like chemicals, drugs, pharmaceutical, refineries, dairy, textile and so on. Abamet Pakistan suggests the most efficient and economical treatment facilities for your effluent. Our extent of wastewater treatment can meet NEQs and other environmental guidelines to the extent at which the wastewater becomes crystal clear to be used again. This again gives an edge in the race of sustainable development. The best wastewater treatment plants account for the pollution load, flow of effluent water, and space available at the least cost.

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

All the domestic wastewater that has high organic loading and black water is commonly known as sewage. Sewage can be treated biologically in a sewage treatment plant. An STP can convert wastewater into water for irrigation and it can also be recycled for reuse. For that Abamet Pakistan has the best treatment systems. An STP in local areas gives a broader sense of sustainabe development, it can reduce costs of buying fresh water horticulture and we can save our natural water bodies from any kind of environmental detoriation. For domestic sewage we have different biological wastewater treatment systems to offer.