Zero liquid discharge is a treatment process and its goal are to remove all the liquid waste from a system. Its primary focus is to produce reusable water from waste water or brine. ZLD technologies use the concept of thermal evaporation to convert brine into highly purified water and dry solid waste product is ready to be disposed of. Valuable resources (such as NaCl, Na2SO4, and others) can also be recovered from wastewater by this technology; resources are dependent on the type of water being fed to the plant.
The use of techniques such as vacuum evaporation and sludge crystallization achieves ZLD. Our engineers and technology joined together can create a system that is specially tailored for your water requirement.

Sludge Crystallizers

Crystallization is a separation method in which the formation of a solid (crystal or precipitate) is produced from a homogeneous, liquid or gaseous phase. The solid formed can be very pure, so crystallization is also used industrially as a purification process.



Vacuum Evaporators

The solution must be supersaturated before crystallization can occur. In vacuum evaporators evaporation occurs by combining of cooling and evaporation in adiabatic evaporators. The solution is concentrated and cooled until the concentration of the solute is higher than its solubility at that temperature, and the solute forms almost pure crystals.